18 October 2016
Allianz Malaysia Ad - 'Courage Never Fails. Dare'
18th October 2016

On the 10th of September, a casting was arranged at CSRG to find a suitable talent for Allianz Malaysia TV commercial. Adelia Song got the main part while some of her teammates, Bavitaa, Bernice and Sonia had a small acting part along side her.

Today the TVC is finally out. We are so proud of our multi talented girls! ❤️ Even more so that it's a story related to the sport they love, Rhythmic Gymnastics.

11 October 2016
Happy 6th Birthday to Carolyn's School of Rhythmic Gymnastics - CSRG

October marks CSRG's 6th Anniversary!

Sending much love and gratitude to all the beautiful families and coaches who have been and still are a part of our ever-growing CSRG Family ♥ Thank you for the amazing support and kindness given to the school. This year has been the busiest ever for the school, we have indeed grown and have achieved so much producing many amazing gymnast, representing our state, Selangor and our country, Malaysia. Most importantly, parents and kids continue to hold a strong bond and friendship with each other.

CSRG is truly blessed to be surrounded by supportive, encouraging and passionate dedicated good people. It is indeed a joy and pleasure to be working with your children. To many more years to come. =)

Lots of Love ♥,
Ms Carolyn Au Yong
12 August 2016
12th August 2016

Carolyn's School of Rhythmic Gymnastics - CSRG is extremely excited to be part of ash be nimble's #gotheextramile campaign in collaboration with Passion Portraits.

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14 December 2015
We present to you 'Let Her Go'. A contemporary dance by our Seniors of CSRG. Amira Sofiya, Puteri Liyana and Chong JIa Qi. Special thanks to Iman Iskandar Chan for helping with choeography. =)

As we all know, Amira Sofiya will be leaving CSRG as she will be entering the National Team in 2016. She will be dearly missed by all of us at CSRG. Amira, you have been an inspiration to many of our girls at CSRG. Continue to work hard when you are training in Bukit Jalil, pursuing your passion in this sport we call Rhythmic Gymnastics. Do know that love, support and encouragement will always be give to you by our CSRG Family. Don't forget your roots!! =)

What a great way to end your journey at CSRG by performing for the entire school while having two of your best friends to dance alongside you before starting your new chapter.
9 April 2015
Our girls performing for the Opening of Spring Fling 2015, Columbus, Ohio, USA. A big shout out to Iman Iskandar Chan for helping the girls choreograph the dance. Thank you so much for taking the time off to do this for our girls. We truly appreciate it! =)

We love you Iman!!! - Suraya & Amira.
10 December 2014
Our girls showing their talent, performing 'All About the Bass' & 'Shake It Off' at Vivace Inter-Club Competition 2014. So proud of our girls! =)
1 October 2013

I would like to thank all parents and students for the continues support and encouragement towards the school and our team of coaches at CSRG. It is indeed a joy and pleasure to be working with your children.

Thank you to our amazing team of coaches, Ms Regina, Ms Lily, Ms Jen and Ms Jeannie. Our school is truly blessed to be surrounded by passionate dedicated good people.

Many more years to come. ♥

Lots of Love ♥,
Ms Carolyn Au Yong
18 June 2011
What great spirit my brother Alex Au-Yong has. Running the 60+km for XtraMile Day after dropping by Carolyn's School of Rhythmic Gymnastics at 5am, he manages to say 'rest ah' I will see you later, charging forward with a smile!! What great Love & Passion =)
18 June 2011
That's the spirit!! XtraMile Day - Leaving Carolyn's School of Rhythmic Gymnastics to the next pit stop.
29 April 2011
The prank on Ms Carolyn by JD's Classifieds on MixFm 94.5, aired this morning. Enjoy!! =D