Carolyn's School of Rhythmic Gymnastics (CSRG) is a Rhythmic Gymnastics School based in Selangor, Malaysia which is established in 2010 founded by Carolyn Au Yong. CSRG has become one of the most successful rhythmic gymnastics schools in Malaysia offering various programs, designed for children aged 4 and above.

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Rhythmic Gymnastics was never something I considered for my daughter. But when Khayra expressed her interest in the sport we started looking and finally decided on CSRG. That was 4 years ago and she has never looked back since. Carolyn and her team have guided and given her a good balance of encouragement, support and discipline. They taught her to be focused, resilient, passionate and to never give up, values that I hope will shape Khayra as a person beyond her RG life. Thank you CSRG. Carolyn and her team have definitely given nothing but their best!

- Yati