Carolyn's School of Rhythmic Gymnastics (CSRG) is a Rhythmic Gymnastics School based in Selangor, Malaysia which is established in 2010 founded by Carolyn Au Yong. CSRG has become one of the most successful rhythmic gymnastics schools in Malaysia offering various programs, designed for children aged 4 and above.

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I’m a firm believer of hard work, dedication and passion. These 3 qualities, I’ve once been told, will bring me far in life. Fortunately, the coaches here at CSRG are the living embodiments of these values. Ms. Carolyn Au Yong in particular has made my training in CSRG a memorable one. Her enthusiastic and persistent nature truly sets her apart from others, an inspiration to eager, young faces of CSRG.

- Jaime Teoh Jia Qi