Enrolling my daughter in rhythmic gymnastics at CSRG has been transformative. Beyond physical activity, the program blends athleticism with artistry, fostering resilience and perseverance. The supportive community has become a second family, contributing significantly to her growth. Rhythmic gymnastics is not just about routines; it's a medium for self-expression, preparing her with discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence for life's challenges.

Ms Carolyn, Ms Jeannie, Ms Izzah and Ms Alice definitely played a huge role in shaping who she is today. They tweaked each and every detail in her routine, patiently correcting her every mistake and pushing her to her very best, and she achieved more than we could ever imagine. Witnessing her dedication, discipline, and joy in mastering her routines has not only enhanced her physical abilities but also instilled valuable life skills. The supportive environment and skilled coaches have contributed immensely to her growth, fostering a love for both the sport and personal development.

- Boey, Mother of Alysa Woon

For 9 years, CSRG was a large part of my life. When first saw how the gymnasts moved together with the music and apparatus I was mesmerized. Since then, I started my journey to become a gymnast. I knew very soon that being persistent and determined was essential in this journey. This sport is just as much mental as it is physical. It allowed me to learn independence at a young age and gave me amazing opportunities to compete in nationwide competitions.

In addition, CSRG equipped me with the skills to train under Ms. Eriko in the national group exercise. My coaches Ms. Carolyn, Ms. Jeannie, and Ms. Alice in CSRG were always there to support and guide me throughout my journey. I would have never been able to achieve such success without them.

- Jamine Low Jia Thong

Emily Low enjoys Rhythmic Gymnastics very much at CSRG and always looking forward to learning new skills and techniques every time. The coaches at CSRG, especially Ms Carolyn and Ms Jeannie have been instrumental in helping Emily develop as a gymnast, through their dedication & commitment to their students, whilst instilling a culture of discipline, hard work and giving 100%.  As a parent, I am very pleased to see the improvement and achievements in Emily.

- Cheryl Yeoh, Emily Low's mother

My daughter has been training in CSRG for 4 years now. She has grown to become a very strong willed and hardworking person. All the coaches in CSRG are very dedicated and professional. They are very well trained and very passionate in training the girls to mold them into champions. The trainings are very structured and the coaches really know the capabilities of each and every child. I am very proud of my daughter’s achievements.

- Mother of Isabel Kong I-sa

Honestly rhythmic gymnastics is indeed a tough sport. In our opinion, practice makes perfect is an understatement. It demands grace and absolute perfection. Ms. Caroyln and her team of coaches understands this and gives all that they can to develop the gymnasts’ ability to the best. Over the last 7 years, rhythmic gymnastics with CSRG has made our daughter strong (both physically and mentally), focused, determined and created perseverance and grit in her. 

After all these years of our daughter’s training with CSRG, we can testify that rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that would definitely bring out the best in your child and CSRG is the best place to do this.

- Andrew & Michelle (parents of Ashley Soh)

My daughter has been with CSRG since 6 years old. She is now 10 years old (2018) and in the 5 years doing rhythmic gymnastics at CSRG, she has learnt a lot. I have seen her grow to become strong, disciplined and focused. The coaches have taught her to value hard work and to accept criticism positively. These are traits that I hope she carries with her into her adult life.

Thank you Ms Carolyn and Ms Jeannie. Jit Wern wouldn’t be participating at national level competitions if not for your patience, support and guidance.

- Chin Yee, mother of Goh Jit Wern

My daughter, Elena Loh and I are very happy to be part of CSRG family. Ms Carolyn Au Yong is a wonderful person whom I believe is one the reasons that Elena has such a positive desire in this sport. She is, without a doubt, one of the most dynamic, talented, empathetic people I have ever met. I am also thrilled with the way the girls in CSRG welcomed , encouraged and inspired Elena to do better. I am very impressed with the way Ms Carolyn manages to find ways to acknowledge the positive quality of each individual girl and to build on their strengths. This focus enables the girls to build a positive foundation in their sport and personality. CSRG gymnasts had achieved so many things in their lives because of her motivation, discipline and determination to succeed.

All the coaches at CSRG are professional, passionate and caring. They trained the girls to the highest level while providing a nurturing environment that encourages the girls’ development and confidence. 

Thank you so much for your presence and your trust, and always remember that to me, as well as to most of the girls in CSRG, you are more than a coach, but teacher, mentor, and family. I am very grateful that Elena has the opportunity to train under you.

- Juliana Khoo, Mother of Elena Loh

I am truly blessed that my daughter Katerina Lee is part of CSRG family. Katerina first started Rhythmic Gymnastics with Carolyn at the age of 6.  She is now 12 years old (2017). Although there are times the coaches are strict with the girls, it does reflect on why they are in the first place, as they ensure that the girls get to compete in higher level competitions which bring the child to achieving victory after much hard work. As a parent, I am very thankful to CSRG coaches who have the patience not only to train her physical but also to build a strong mind set to ensure she does not to give up easily. Thanks to Ms Carolyn, Ms Jeannie and other coaches.

- Theresa

Rhythmic Gymnastics was never something I considered for my daughter. But when Khayra expressed her interest in the sport we started looking and finally decided on CSRG. That was 4 years ago and she has never looked back since. Carolyn and her team have guided and given her a good balance of encouragement, support and discipline. They taught her to be focused, resilient, passionate and to never give up, values that I hope will shape Khayra as a person beyond her RG life. Thank you CSRG. Carolyn and her team have definitely given nothing but their best!

- Yati

My daughter has been doing gymnastics with Ms Carolyn for the past 10 years. She has grown from strength to strength with the guidance and support from Coach Carolyn. It is my opinion that sticking with CSRG has been one of the best decision that we've made. CSRG has the best training facilities in Selangor. There's plenty of carpet room, airy, clean n safe. It is very well organized, systematic and professionally runned. It also has the best looking coaches in the country!!

RG is definitely not an easy sport to master. Girls need to be motivated and disciplined. They will also need to be able to take the criticisms, pain and suffering too! No pain No gain. With the guidance and love from the coaches, my daughter has managed to represent Selangor in the MSSM 2016. All thanks to Ms Carolyn and the awesome CSRG coaches!! My wish is for CSRG to grow and become the best RG club in Malaysia. My love and support will always be with CSRG and Ms Carolyn Au Yong.

- Tengku Ninie

I’m a firm believer of hard work, dedication and passion. These 3 qualities, I’ve once been told, will bring me far in life. Fortunately, the coaches here at CSRG are the living embodiments of these values. Ms. Carolyn Au Yong in particular has made my training in CSRG a memorable one. Her enthusiastic and persistent nature truly sets her apart from others, an inspiration to eager, young faces of CSRG. Contrary to what many assume, my training does not merely consist of perfecting throws, leaps and pivots. Overall, it builds up to a well-rounded learning experience. My friends and I have benefited greatly from Ms. Carolyn’s refreshing way of imparting her knowledge in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. This, along with the support from my family and friends, is the force that drives me onwards towards my goal of excelling in the sport. Thank you Ms. Carolyn.

- Jaime Teoh Jia Qi

It has been a fantastic 2 years and it’s amazing to see how you have helped us transform our chubby little girl to a stronger, more confident girl and the achievement she has today. The coaches are great and they are very passionate and knowledgeable about grooming and getting out the best in her. Even though the coaches can be strict and the classes can be tough at times, but the joy on her face when she manages to learn and accomplish new things are priceless.

Thank you Ms Carolyn and Ms Jeannie. You both have shown great dedication and patience in coaching our little girl.

It’s a great life experience and we would highly recommend CSRG to parents who are interested to introduce rhythmic gymnastics to their children.

- Emilee’s parents

At CSRG, coaches are experienced and professional to handle young gymnasts. The class size and location for training is appropriate. My girl has improved a lot in short period of time and given her confidence to dance on the carpet. She likes how the coaches focus on her mistake and the attention given during the class. It is a good place for gymnasts develop RG, discipline as well as respect manners. As a parents, we are very proud to be part of CSRG family too.

- Mrs Yeoh

CSRG coaches have good foundations in gymnastics. They are former gymnasts who understand the individual skills, how to learn them step by step and how to master them. They also have a great deal of training in the art of coaching, through courses in local and overseas to keep up on the newest skills, coaching trends and the changing expectations for gymnasts. The thing that I like the MOST in CSRG is their coaches are very detailed, they explain techniques and how to accomplish them. In addition, CSRG coaches are approachable and willingly to communicate with the parents. I'm thankful that my daughter has progressed so much after 4 years and still growing with CSRG!

- Mother of Beiley Chu

CSRG provided a positive RG experience to my girl when she joined at the tender age of 3.5 years old. She loves RG because the coaches are awesome. They are strict but flexible enough to understand each girl progresses differently. We are glad to be part of this unique CSRG family where the coaches, kids and parents work very well with each other.

- Patricia

We are indeed blessed to be part of the CSRG family. Under the care of coach Ms Carolyn, Marissa has progressed so much throughout this short span of 3 years. Starting at baby gymnast level at 5 years old,  Marissa is now training in the elite team and even participating in national level competitions. She is disciplined, confident, passionate about the sport and enjoys her training at CSRG. We look forward to soaring higher with CSRG in the years to come!

- Hui-Wearn

Mula mengenali Carolyn School of Rhythmic Gimnastics (CSRG)daripada seorang kenalan pada tahun 2011. Kedua-dua anak saya iaitu Aina Batrisyia & Qistina Balqis mula mengikuti latihan gimrama  bersama CSRG pada usia 6 tahun, sehingga kini (2016) masih lagi meneruskan latihan di bawah bimbingan Jurulatih Cik Carolyn Au Yong yang juga pemilik CSRG.  

Apa yang membuatkan saya bertambah yakin dengan CSRG adalah kerana pemilik kelab ini mempunyai latarbelakang seorang atlet gimrama Kebangsaan yang telah mengharumkan nama Malaysia di Sukan Komanwel pada tahun 1998 dan mempunyai pengalaman luas dalam bidang kejurulatihan. Dengan kemampuan dan pengalaman yang ada, beliau telah banyak mencurahkan ilmu dan bimbingan serta menerapkan nilai disiplin yang tinggi kepada kedua-dua anak saya semasa latihan. Beliau seorang yang tegas dan berkaliber.

5 tahun bersama CSRG, pelbagai perkara yang telah saya pelajari mengenai Sukan Gimrama ini, salah satunya adalah dari segi penglibatan ibubapa untuk memberi sokongan moral serta kerjasama yang padu kepada gimnas mahupun Jurulatih untuk mengecapi kejayaan.

CSRG kini telah mula mencipta nama kerana kejayaannya mencungkil bakat gimnas yang berpotensi dalam Sukan Gimrama.

Akhir sekali, saya ingin mengucapkan Terima kasih! kepada Cik Carolyn Au Yong dan CSRG kerana telah memberikan kepercayaan kepada kedua-dua anak saya untuk mewakili CSRG bagi beberapa siri perlawanan gimrama samaada di Peringkat Daerah/ Negeri / Kebangsaan mahupun Antarabangsa.

- Suhana Jalil

I have known Carolyn Au Yong since she started training my daughter Amira Sofiya in Year 2008. I chose Carolyn to coach my daughter as I believed that her experience as a national gymnast who won a Commonwealth gold medal would help inspire my daughter to be a good gymnast. Fast forward to 2016, Amira is now in Bukit Jalil with the national group exercise team. Much credit goes to Carolyn for the excellent training program at CSRG which not only focused on strengthening Amira's rhythmic gymnastics fundamentals but also exposed her to many state, national and international competitions. Amira's younger sister currently trains at CSRG and there is no other person I would entrust my child to aside from Carolyn and her team of coaches.

- Nina Noordin

I have been with CSRG since I was 3 years old and I have loved every moment here at CSRG. Ms Carolyn Au-Yong has been a very dedicated coach who constantly encourages me to try harder and harder.

- Bavitaa Rames

My daughter has trained under Principal Coach Carolyn for the past 8 years from a Little Gymnast to a Junior gymnast.  With Coach Carolyn's unwavering support and indomitable spirit, she has guided my daughter to great heights competing and winning many competitions at club, district, state, national and international levels and ultimately receiving the CEO's award at school.

We are very grateful to Coach Carolyn for not only helping my daughter achieve her dreams and exceptional sporting excellence but more importantly for nurturing her as a person and instilling in her great self-confidence, discipline, independence, respect, determination and team spirit with her no-nonsense life philosophy,  invaluable experience and distinguished coaching credentials.

Coach Carolyn is a great mentor and role-model for children. She is our champion and we love her.

- Thiang Heng