I love my coaches at CSRG, especially Ms. Carolyn Au-Yong because she encourages me to have courage and confidence and to believe in my capabilities. She understands me well enough to know whether I am giving it my very best or whether or not I am ready for certain routines and competitions. CSRG Rocks!!!

- Adelia Song

Our experience have been wonderful at CSRG. The coaches are very dedicated and supportive, Ms. Carolyn is very professional who pushes her students to reach their full potential and she has present the knowledge and passion for this sport that assures me that my daughter is in good hands. I want to stress on just how much more than a coach she is to my daughter, she has also become a role model and  motivator. CSRG has taught her in so many ways-not only the beauty of this sport but the perseverance, resilience, discipline, sportsmanship, hard work during competition time, especially. We have the opportunity to watch CSRG grow through the past 6 years and we are proud to be part of it.

- Janice

Our daughter Bernice joined CSRG at age 7. Since then, Bernice has progressed really well in this sports. CSRG is the sports school that has shaped Bernice to who she is today - a highly-disciplined, teachable, hardworking and strong-minded ten-year-old.

All coaches in CSRG are professional and highly capable, especially Miss Carolyn Au Yong. While she is a strict coach that accept no compromise in perfecting performance of each student, she never fails to lift the kids up when they face challenges and setbacks.

To us, she is more than just a RG coach, she is also a life mentor who instills positive attitude in the kids she coaches. She plays a pivotal role in helping kids realize their full potential and guide them physically as well as mentally in reaching out for their peaks respectively.

Miss Carolyn Au Yong and team are also constantly seeking growth, you can tell by various professional caoching programs / certifications the coaches partake. CSRG is definitely a gem in RG sports coaching and is no doubt the best place to be for the sports. CSRG truly ROCKS!!

- Margaret & Kenny